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In-lieu/Treaty Fishing Access Sites

Zone 6 Fishing Access Sites

Access Map

If you use any of these sites, please remove your personal and titled property to help speed the work and prevent any unexpected losses. While a site is closed for the maintenance, all other access sites, including the five in-lieu sites, will remain open for use and will be maintained on a normal weekly schedule. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Broncheau at (503) 238-0667.

CRITFC operates and maintains 31 fishing sites along Zone 6 of the Columbia River that are for the exclusive use of Indian fishers from the four CRITFC member tribes. (Three sites do have shared-use facilities with the public.) These sites were set aside by Congress to provide fishing locations to Indian fishers whose traditional fishing grounds were inundated behind dams.

The sites offer a wide range of amenities for the fishers including access roads and parking areas, boat ramps and docks, fish cleaning tables, net racks, drying sheds, restrooms, mechanical buildings, and shelters. There are two types of sites: there are five “in-lieu sites” and 26 “treaty fishing access sites.” Separate laws created each type of site.

CRITFC is committed to providing ongoing maintenance, law enforcement services, and repair and rehabilitation at the sites. CRITFC provides the operations and maintenance of these sites through a BIA Self-Determination Act contract. A BIA Special Law Enforcement Commission to CRITFC Enforcement officers gives them the jurisdiction to maintain law and order at the sites.

Download a PDF version of the In-lieu/Treaty Fishing Access Sites and Amenities map »

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