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The scientists at CRITFC are constantly working on new research to further our understanding of salmon and their habitat. Below are the published papers and technical reports that summarize this work.

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J indicates CRITFC employee.

15 September 2018

Selection at a Genomic Region of Major Effect is Responsible for Evolution of Complex Life Histories in Anadromous Steelhead

Disparity in the timing of biological events occurs across a variety of systems, yet the understanding of genetic basis underlying diverse phenologies remains limited. Variation in maturation timing occurs in steelhead trout, which has been associated with greb1L, an oestrogen target gene. Previous...

Steven Micheletti, Jon Hess, Joseph Zendt, and Shawn Narum

1 January 2018

Landscape Features Along Migratory Routes Influence Adaptive Genomic Variation in Anadromous Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Organisms typically show evidence of adaptation to features within their local environment. However, many species undergo long‚Äźdistance dispersal or migration across larger geographic regions that consist of highly heterogeneous habitats. Therefore, selection may influence adaptive genetic...

Steven Micheletti, Amanda Matala, Andrew Matala, and Shawn Narum

5 August 1998

Pacific Lamprey Research and Restoration: Annual Report 1997

The once abundant stocks of Pacific Lamprey (Lampetra tridentata) above Bonneville Dam are currently depressed. It is likely that many of the same factors that led to the decline of wild stocks of Columbia River Pacific salmon and steelhead have impacted Pacific Lamprey populations as well....

Aaron Jackson, Douglas Hatch, Blaine Parker, David Close, Martin Fitzpatrick, and Hiram Li

27 February 2014

Influence of Ocean and Freshwater Conditions on Columbia River Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus Nerka Adult Return Rates

In recent years, returns of adult sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka to the Columbia River Basin have reached numbers not observed since the 1950s. To understand factors related to these increased returns, we first looked for changes in freshwater production and survival of juvenile...

John Williams, Steven Smith, Jeffrey Fryer, Mark Scheuerell, William Muir, Tom Flagg, Richard Zabel, John Ferguson, and Edmundo Casillas

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