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The scientists at CRITFC are constantly working on new research to further our understanding of salmon and their habitat. Below are the published papers and technical reports that summarize this work.

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J indicates CRITFC employee.

9 November 2018

Estimation of the Effective Number of Breeders for Warm Springs River Spring Chinook Salmon - Broodyears 2015 and 2016

Spring Chinook Salmon spawning in the upper Warm Springs River basin have demonstrated a relatively sudden increase in the ratio of annual adult escapement to total redd count. Prior to 2010 the ratio averaged 4 fish per redd, but since then the average jumped to 12 fish per redd. The recent high...

Peter Galbreath, Ilana Janowitz-Koch, Graham Boostrom, and Cyndi Baker

4 November 2003

Kelt Reconditioning: A Research Project to Enhance Iteroparity in Columbia Basin Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) - 2003 Annual Report

Repeat spawning is a life history strategy that is expressed by some species from the family Salmonidae. Rates of repeat spawning for post-development Columbia River steelhead Oncorhynchus mykiss populations range from 1.6 to 17%. It is expected that currently observed iteroparity rates for...

Douglas Hatch, Ryan Branstetter, Joe Blodgett, Bill Bosch, David Fast, and Todd Newsome

1 September 2018

Reproductive Performance and Energy Balance in Consecutive and Skip Repeat Spawning Female Steelhead Reconditioned in Captivity

Steelhead Oncorhynchus mykiss are known for their life history diversity, displaying a range of freshwater residence ages, maturation ages, and spawning intervals. Female maturation is thought to be condition dependent at critical periods, during which individuals falling below energetic...

Laura Jenkins, Andrew Pierce, Neil Graham, Ryan Branstetter, Douglas Hatch, and James Nagler

1 December 2000

Anadromous Salmonid Recovery in the Umatilla River Basin, Oregon: A Case Study

The Umatilla River Basin Fisheries Restoration Plan was initiated in the early 1980s to mitigate salmonid losses caused by hydroelectric development and habitat degradation. The objectives are to enhance the abundance of endemic steelhead and reintroduce extirpated chinook and coho salmon. The...

Jennifer Phillips, Jill Ory and André Talbot

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