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CRITFC Employment Opportunities

The following positions are currently open. Click on one to find out more information, qualifications, and application instructions. Resumes and applications are only accepted when openings are available. Enrolled members of federally recognized Indian tribes who are interested in future employment opportunities may contact Human Resources directly.

Paid Positions

Quantitative Fishery Scientist

Closes: Jan 18, 2019
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission assists its four governing tribes (Yakama, Umatilla, Warm Springs, and Nez Perce) with management of their treaty fishing rights. A key to ensuring our member tribes have a sustainable fishery is the ability to collect and assess information on the status of anadromous and resident fish populations and their habitats within the diverse watersheds of the Columbia Basin. The position offered is a Quantitative Fishery Scientist in the Fishery Science Department’s Watershed Ecology group. The Watershed Ecology group evaluates the combined impacts to fish populations from land management (e.g., cattle grazing, forestry, agriculture) and restoration efforts (e.g., riparian protection/planting, instream habitat structures) in context of natural variability and climate change. The group develops landscape-scale analyses linking watershed conditions to riverine habitat conditions; relates habitat conditions to life stage-specific abundance, capacity, or survival of salmonids; and uses these analyses as inputs to life cycle models. The group additionally applies remotely-sensed technology to fish habitat surveys, evaluates the role of food webs on juvenile salmon productivity, and assesses river ecosystems using various other physical and biotic approaches (e.g., geomorphology, hydrology, riparian vegetation, and aquatic invertebrates). In this capacity, the Quantitative Fishery Scientist will develop and apply quantitative approaches to evaluating threats and factors limiting salmonid populations in a range of habitats, from small headwater tributaries to the mainstem Columbia River. The incumbent must maintain a proven publication record and possess exceptional problem solving and communication skills. The incumbent will occasionally be asked to provide technical support for administrative and legal challenges to existing or proposed actions impacting aquatic ecosystems and/or other assignments delegated by the Watershed Ecology group leader or Fishery Science Department Manager.

Fishery Technician

Closes: Jan 18, 2019
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission assists four tribes in the co-management of their treaty rights within the Columbia River Basin. The position offered is associated with the Commission’s Fish Science Department. The production research group is engaged in several research projects designed to investigate salmon and steelhead limiting factors which include predation. For the last decade sea lion presence and consumption of salmon near Bonneville dam has been increasing and our research program is designed to assist managers in reducing sea lion occurrence near the dam along with investigating sea lion abundance and predation rates. The duration of this position is limited to three and a half months.

Pacific Lamprey Project Leader

Closes: Nov 30, 2018
The Pacific Lamprey Project Leader coordinates and works with CRITFC, tribal technical and policy representatives, and other regional management agencies and researchers to implement the Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan for the Columbia River Basin. The Columbia Basin Fish Accords funds this position. Plan objectives include, but are not limited to, improvement of adult and juvenile passage through dams and tributary water diversions, identification and protection/restoration of mainstem and tributary habitat, genetic investigations, artificial production, impacts of poor water quality and public outreach on lamprey status and restoration actions.

Other Fisheries Employment Opportunities

None available at this time.


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Requests for Quotation

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