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CRITFC Employment Opportunities

The following positions are currently open. Click on one to find out more information, qualifications, and application instructions. Resumes and applications are only accepted when openings are available. Enrolled members of federally recognized Indian tribes who are interested in future employment opportunities may contact Human Resources directly.

Paid Positions

Fishery Technician III

Closes: May 19, 2021
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) assists the four tribes in the co-management of their treaty rights within the Columbia River Basin. The position offered is associated with the Commission’s Fish Management Department, within the Lamprey project. The Lamprey project is directed toward implementing the objectives and actions outlined in the Tribal Pacific Lamprey Restoration Plan. These objectives include improving mainstem and tributary passage and habitat; lamprey supplementation/augmentation (translocation and reintroductions); evaluate contaminants and water quality; regional coordination, education and outreach; and research, monitoring and evaluation. The Fishery Technician will be responsible for collecting a variety of biological data and samples under field and lab conditions and will be required to work with other agencies. Work locations vary throughout the Columbia River Basin. The primary responsibilities of two of the positions will be trapping of adult Pacific lamprey at the mainstem dams in support of the tribes translocation program. The primary responsibility of the third position will be conducting creel surveys (Friday through Mondays) during the lamprey harvest season at Willamette Falls. The technician will join the trapping crew when lamprey harvest season ends. Other duties may include assisting tribes with seasonal field work (e.g. , efish surveys, eDNA sample collections, screw trap monitoring, parentage based tagging, etc.) as needs arise. Field work occurs 7 days per week, June through September. This opening is for three positions.

Police Officer

Closes: Apr 30, 2021
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Enforcement (CRITFE) Police Officers are directly responsible for carrying out all enforcement and protective patrols by foot, vehicle, and boat on the main stem Columbia River (Oregon and Washington shores) and its environs and also patrol at the In-lieu and Treaty Fishing Access sites (TFAS). Patrols are dictated by CRITFC/CRITFE policy, Tribal policy, contractual obligations of the Law Enforcement Department, and at the direction of patrol supervisors.

Dispatcher/Communications Officer

Closes: Mar 26, 2021
The dispatcher is directly responsible for the operation of all office radio/telephone communication equipment, maintaining a close watch on patrol activities in the field, and for the general office needs of the agency.

Other Fisheries Employment Opportunities

None available at this time.


None available at this time.

Requests for Quotation

RFP: Professional Payroll Services

Closes: May 12, 2021
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a proposal for professional payroll services for our fish tagging project at the Hanford Reach field site on the Columbia River near Richland, Washington. The tagging project has been conducted annually since 1987. Each year a ten- or eleven-person crew is hired for up to thirteen consecutive days between late-May and mid-June to capture and tag juvenile fall Chinook salmon. The tagging crew members will be provided and supervised by CRITFC. The requirements listed below were selected to meet our general needs for temporary payroll services. Although these requirements are subject to change or modification, please match them as closely as possible with your quotation. All specifics shall be negotiated and finalized by purchase order or contract. Download complete RFP here.

Professional Services and Genetics Equipment

Open until filled
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a quotation for a sequencer for our lab located in Hagerman, Idaho. The Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is a 13,000 square foot facility that houses six analytical laboratories to explore fish genetics and pathology, a wet lab to study fish diet and production, and a tissue archive to store fish samples from around the Pacific Northwest for future DNA testing.

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