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David Graves (503) 736-3589
At CRITFC since:


Watershed Department, Portland Main Office


My work at CRITFC includes GIS analysis, map-making, database design, and research into the effects of climate change on Columbia Basin snowpack and streams. Before working at CRITFC, I spent five years performing fisheries data collection and management in Washington and Oregon. At Portland State University, my thesis focused on using GIS as a tool to model the potential effects of climate change on a local hydrologic basin. During my free time, I most enjoy outdoor activities, including mellow pastimes like backpacking and kayaking with my wife, and harebrained pursuits like backcountry skiing in shorts and cheap sunglasses.


  • M.S., Geography, Portland State University, 2005
  • B.S., Enviro. Policy & Assessment, Western Washington University, 1995

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