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Restoration Science

Hagerman Genetics Lab

CRITFC provides the tribes and the region with invaluable biological and ecological research, fisheries management, and other science to support the protection and restoration of Columbia River Basin salmon, lamprey, and sturgeon. The tribal vision is rebuild salmon, lamprey, and sturgeon populations to full productivity. Continue Reading »

Fishing Rights

Celilo Falls

In coordination with and under the direction of the member tribes, CRITFC’s team of lawyers, policy analysts, and fisheries enforcement officers work to ensure that tribal treaty rights are protected. We also work closely with state and federal agencies to ensure fair harvest sharing between the tribal and non-tribal fisheries. Continue reading»

Climate Change

Salmon Camp NPT Hatchery.jpg

The sacred First Foods and the tribal cultures based on them are threatened by our changing climate. The tribes are working to prepare for the coming changes, including helping salmon in an altered climate with habitat projects designed to cool down tributaries and exploring alternative hydrosystem operations. Continue Reading »

To ensure a unified voice in the overall
management of the fishery resources, and as
managers, to protect reserved treaty rights
through the exercise of the inherent sovereign
powers of the tribes.

– CRITFC mission

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