CRITFC | Restore, conserve Pacific Northwest Salmon


Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Protecting Fish and Watersheds

CRITFC provides invaluable biological research, fisheries management, hydrology, and other science to support the protection and restoration of Columbia River Basin salmon, lamprey, and sturgeon

Protecting Treaty Fishing Rights

CRITFC employs lawyers, policy analysts, and fisheries enforcement officers who work with state and federal agencies to ensure harvest sharing between tribal and non-tribal fisheries

Sharing Salmon Culture

Wy-Kan-Ush-Pum means "salmon people" and all residents of the Columbia River Basin are "Salmon People." It focuses on the importance of salmon and the environment in which salmon live.

Providing Fisher Services

CRITFC provides fishers from member tribes with resources to help them carry on the tradition of making a living from fishing. CRITFC also operates 31 fishing access sites along the Columbia River.

2014 Bonneville Fish Count

On Thursday, 1384 spring chinook passed Bonneville Dam. So far 10,619 have passed this year.

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Advocacy Issues


2014 Future of Our Salmon Conference

The Future of Our Salmon Conferences facilitate dialogue between the co-managers other interested parties in an ongoing quest for a unified vision of salmon restoration in the Columbia River Basin. The 2014 conference will focus on restoring fish passage to historical locations throughout the Columbia River Basin, particularly for salmon, lamprey, sturgeon, and bull trout.

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Adult lamprey

Lamprey Restoration

This ancient fish has survived ice ages, mass extinctions, and shifting continental plates for hundreds of millions of years. Now, in less than a century, they have declined to the point where their very existence is in peril. The tribes of the Columbia Basin, honor-bound to protect them, are working to restore this important part of the ecosystem and tribal culture.

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Sturgeon Consumption Advisory

Resident Fish Consumption Advisory

Oregon and Washington have issued two fish consumption advisories on 9/23/13 for RESIDENT FISH in the Columbia River caught between Bonneville and McNary dams due to high to moderate levels of mercury and PCBs. The Oregon Health Authority and Washington State Department of Health issued this advisory to limit people's exposure.

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Salmon in Test Tube

Genetically Modified Salmon

In the Pacific Northwest, salmon are culturally irreplaceable First Foods for the region’s tribal people, thus anything that could negatively affect them must be examined with the utmost care. Allowing the production of genetically engineered Atlantic salmon potentially threatens all the work that has been accomplished in rebuilding these fish.

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coal train

Columbia Gorge Coal Transport

Three proposals are being considered that would transport coal through the Columbia River Gorge to be shipped to Asia. All of these projects will affect the Columbia and those who depend on it, creating environmental injustice as the burdens of the projects fall on those who will reap the least benefits.

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