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Columbia River Tribal Housing

In response to resolutions from the four CRITFC member tribes to study tribal housing and infrastructure needs along the Columbia River, the US Army Corps of Engineers conducted a fact finding review in 2013 of unresolved housing claims related to construction of Bonneville and The Dalles dams. This project collected and reviewed applicable federal statutes, reports, and design documents along with Indian Claims Commission records and records provided by tribal governments. It also reviewed administrative and physical considerations that affect tribal housing development, identified potential solutions to provide on-river housing, and resulted in a final report for consideration by the Corps.

The project involved the input of tribal government officials, housing staff,  and members of the tribal communities along the river. A series of monthly meetings took place during the year-long project to inform the tribes of findings and progress on the review as well as to gather input to further the project.

Synopsis of the US Corps of Engineers Fact Finding Review on Tribal Housing Process

April 2011     Progress Review and Issue Resolution Conference

  • Issue regarding Corps’ outstanding housing obligations was discussed
  • Corps indicated a willingness to conduct a housing needs study if the tribes requested the agency to do so by resolution

Nov. 2011      Tribal Resolutions submitted to the Corps

  • Resolutions called for the Federal Government, through the USACOE, to undertake a study of tribal housing and infrastructure needs along the Columbia River

Nov. 2012      Corps Initiated Fact-finding Review

  • Cooper Zietz Engineers retained to conduct this review and to prepare a summary report for USACE to determine if additional study and action is justified

Early 2013    Meetings with Tribal Community

  • Monthly meetings with tribal representatives, staff and tribal community
  • Corps’ contractor conducted interviews with tribal community

Aug. 2013     First Draft of Fact-Finding Review

  • Tribes provided comments

Sept. 2013    Second Draft of Fact-Finding Review

  • Tribes provided comments

Jan. 2014      Final USACE Fact Finding Report Transmitted to Tribes

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