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Data Resources for Scientists

This page provides access to a variety of maps, applications, and databases produced at CRITFC on behalf of our member tribes.

Salmon and Steelhead Population Crosswalk

The Salmon and Steelhead Population Crosswalk includes two online mapping tools and a fish names query system, which provides access to geographic and descriptive information on fish populations (pop/units) of salmon and steelhead as defined by state and federal agencies, tribes, and regional projects in the Columbia Basin.

Limiting Factors Mapping

The Limiting Factors Application displays the four main factors limiting salmon distribution and abundance from the Subbasin Plans that came out of the NW Power and Conservation Council process during the early 2000s.

PCSRF Projects Mapping

The PCSRF Projects Application distinguishes tribal Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund projects by their type and location, and provides detailed reports for these projects.  Please view the metadata document for more information.

Bonneville Dam Adult Fish Age and Fin Clip Reports

A weekly summary of fish passage age statistics as sampled at Bonneville Dam by CRITFC staff.

Note: These reports represent work in progress.  The sampling data will likely be revised throughout the season as they are reviewed.

Hanford Reach Water Temperature Data

Pump intake temperature measurements from old Hanford Town site boat launch.

Mainstem Dam Adult Ladder Counts (Courtesy Fish Passage Center)

Current tables of fish passage numbers at dams throughout the Columbia and Snake rivers.

GIS Layers and Data Sets

GIS layers and databases produced through research, monitoring, and evaluation projects conducted by CRITFC staff. See metadata for information on individual data sets. This site is currently under construction, and we expect more data sets to be published soon.

CRITFC Inter-Tribal Monitoring Data Project Capture Histories

Capture histories from raw Passive Integrated Transponder Tag (PIT tag) data that can be used as input files for tools such as program Mark/Release  to calculate life stage survivals for tribal analysts.

CRITFC Inter-Tribal Monitoring Data Applications

Joe Nowinski for information on login credentials.

CRITFC Inter-Tribal Monitoring Data Workshop Documents

Future applications, maps, and data will continue to be developed on this site so check back soon!

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