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Graphic Recordings Posters

Graphic Recording Poster #1

The focus of the conference was to develop a shared vision from cultural, scientific and political perspectives. We listened to an overview of current production programs. Information was shared about fisheries management and the legal context of hatchery success principles. We heard valuable information about the concept of reciprocity, where we “take care of the first foods that take care of us.” Conference attendees offered questions during Q&A after each presentation. We spent time envisioning what success would look like and heard a keynote presentation about the Columbia Basin Fish Accords.


Graphic Recording Poster #2

This part of the conference outlined tribal, state and federal perspectives related to policy and science success as it supports the work of saving Columbia River Basin Salmon. We heard about the public benefits of the hatchery system.


Graphic Recording Poster #3

Our conference discussion focused on four case studies that helped us understand what it means to create healthy, sustainable and natural environments.


Graphic Recording Poster #4

In our closing conversation we heard  tribal, state and federal leaders share what next steps are needed to move our collaboration forward. Conference attendees added their voices to the dialogue resulting in a rich exchange of insight and wisdom.

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