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Introduction to Genetics Analyses in Tribal Fisheries Management Training Workshops

CRITFC geneticists at Hagerman are actively involved in genetics studies of different programs operated and/or monitored by CRITFC and the four treaty tribes. To provide a better understanding of the laboratory techniques involved in the genetics analyses and the inferences that can be made from the results relative to fisheries management issues, CRITFC has organized a series of 2-day training workshops for the tribal biologists and technicians involved in collection of the tissue samples used in these studies. Each workshop is attended by up to 8 biologists/technicians, and involves a series of presentations (“lectures”, videos, demonstrations and discussions) on basic principles of genetics and inheritance, types of molecular markers and analyses using these markers applicable to fisheries management – with an emphasis on use of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) DNA markers for genetic stock identification and parentage analysis. The schedule also includes presentations summarizing results from previous and ongoing studies conducted by CRITFC staff. The presentations are interspersed with several “hands-on” exercises to provide greater familiarity with the laboratory techniques involved. The workshop schedule and presentations are listed below:

Hagerman Genetics Training Agenda

Workshop Presentations

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