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Entire Columbia Basin

CRITFC Accord Administration

Implement and manage Accord projects and assist with regional/tribal coordination of projects and project reporting agreed to in Accords. Disseminate the positive news of cooperation, collaboration, and on-the-ground project success to promote long-term support of the Accords and potential future partnerships, fulfill...
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StreamNet Library

StreamNet Library

To collect, organize, and disseminate scientific research, traditional knowledge and other relevant information about the Columbia River basin fisheries and ecosystems.
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Experimental Sturgeon Genetics

To gain greater understanding of white sturgeon genetics in preparation for proposed supplementation activities.
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Grande Ronde River

Monitoring Recovery Trends

To develop a quantitative means to evaluate current and potential spring Chinook salmon viability factors (productivity, abundance, spatial structure, diversity) for selected listed populations, focusing on key limiting habitat factors....
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DIDSON monitoring system

Basinwide Supplementation Evaluation

To test methodologies for improved abundance estimation, and to evaluate relative reproductive success (RRS) of natural-origin versus hatchery-origin salmon associated with supplementation and reintroduction programs operated by the tribes....
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Fishing scaffold in The Dalles pool

Expanded Catch Sampling

To monitor the harvest in tribal mainstem fisheries to meet requirements of the U.S. v Oregon Management Agreement.
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The CRITFC Tribal Data Network

The purpose of the CRITFC Tribal Data Network (TDN) is to assist CRITFC and its member tribes in the timely and accurate capture, storage, processing, and dissemination of data for management of anadromous fish and their habitats.  There are four main objectives for the project.1.    Assist CRITFC and member tribes...
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Kelt reconditioning

Steelhead Kelt Reconditioning and Reproductive Success

To devise and test novel approaches to steelhead restoration including reconditioning post-spawn steelhead to take advantage of their ability to spawn multiple times.
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Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Tribal Resources

To assist our member tribes in preparing for and adapting to the effects of climate change on their resources by conducting technical analysis of impacts and representing the tribes in regional technical planning on this issue....
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Sea Lion Hazing near Bonneville Dam

Sea Lion Predation Rate Estimation and Non-lethal Hazing

To implement a tracking and hazing effort on sea lions at Bonneville Dam in an effort to reduce their predation on salmonids and other fish. This predation has increased dramatically since 2001. With more sea lions below Bonneville Dam, the number of adult salmonids caught has also increased over the same time period....
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