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Warm Springs Department of Natural Resources – Fisheries and Wildlife Technician I




Gather fisheries creel data on Warm Springs tribal smelt harvest in the Cowlitz and Sandy rivers. Interview tribal fishermen, weigh fish, record information on data sheets. Must have legible penmanship. Must be able to handle and identify smelt. Develop and maintain successful working relationships with various tribal and non-tribal entities. Engage in successful public contact. Represent the Warm Springs Tribes in a professional, workmanlike manner; drive tribal vehicles in a professional manner.

Working Conditions:

Shifts will be 6 am to 6 pm, 3 days per week plus travel back to Warm Springs. Shifts will be on weekends and weekdays. Employees at the Cowlitz will stay in pre-arranged motel; employees at the Sandy will stay at the Parkdale bunkhouse. Per diem for expenses will be provided. Weather may be rainy, windy and cold at times. Work will involve driving up both sides of the rivers and interviewing Warm Springs tribal fishers. There may be a few hours of overtime each week.


Valid ODL, high school graduate or equivalent GED, related experience desired, must successfully pass a drug test, must be insurable by the tribe and pass a background check.

Must be able to work 40+ a week, work weekends, work out-of-area, this position is Seasonal. (min) $10.00 (max) $12.00.

Position Type



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