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Warm Springs Department of Natural Resources – Fish Biologist


This position will assist in implementation of nearly $2 million per year in grant funding for numerous conservation and restoration projects that target watershed and habitat recovery for anatropous fish throught the John Day River Basin. This positon requires a keen understanding of the socioeconomic context of rural and agricultural land management, and experience with project management.


This position will have six focal areas:

  1. Develop, design, bid implement, and maintain conservation and restoration projects on private and public lands. These projects will include: in stream habitat improvements, channel restoration, riparian planting, livestock management fencing, irrigation piping and efficiency projects, irrigation diversion structures which improve fish passage, cultivate replacements, and more.
  2. Assist with project development and oversee implementation efforts for projects completed by our partners. These partners include Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Watershed Councils, non-profit organizations, and Federal partners such as the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.
  3. Provide Technical assistance to the Tribes’ implementation field crew.
  4. Coordinate with the Tribes’ native plant nursery to plan re-vegetation projects.
  5. Attend meetings to represent Tribal interests in the basin, and communicate with agencies, Tribal membership, and public citizens to discuss projects and planning efforts.
  6. Assist with writing and management of grant funding and fiscal responsibiliteis, and write reports that reflect progress and details of project work efforts.

Knowledge & Skills:

Ideal applicant is experienced in watershed restoration project management and development. Excellent communication skills. Applicant must be able to frequently set up and lead meetings with landowners, agencies, and organizations. Working knowledge of habitat requirements for mid-Columbia.


A bachelor’s degree in natural resources management, fisheries, or related field plus at least three years of experience in project management are required. Experience developing and implementing conservation and restoration projects that target watershed and habitat recovery for anadromous fish is required. Ability to work and communicate effectively with landowners, partners and the public is a mandate of this postion. An understanding of GIS, database managent, and Mac OS and related office software is desireable.


$39,000 to $44,000

Position Type



Closing Date

March 21, 2016

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