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National Youth Leadership Forum: STEM Program Nomination Form


Envision is the leader in developing and administering elementary through college level experiential learning programs that are focused on enhancing leadership and career development skills for 21st century success. We encourage you to nominate today and partner with us in helping to build a global community of high-achieving, motivated and inspired students.

From Elementary School through High School, there is a program that is right for your student. Designed by education experts, Envision programs focus on developing much-needed skills for success and creating a life-changing experience.

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National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to STEM

Build a robot. Solve a crime. Diagnose a patient. These are just a few of the exciting experiences that will spark your student’s curiosity as they explore the exciting fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). (Grade 3-5)

Middle School


National Youth Leadership Forum: Explore STEM

Students examine the nearly limitless career possibilities in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and technology to determine the right academic and career path for them. At this six-day experience, students explore practicing medicine, learn about professional options in engineering, see the world through the lens of environmental science and uncover the pitfalls and advantages of living in a technology-driven. (Grade 6–8)


High School


National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine

Prepare for the high expectations and rewards that come with pursuing a career in medicine. Students can choose one of 13 cities for their medical career exploration.  The nine-day program gives them the unique opportunity to observe health care professionals in action and learn the ropes of successfully navigating college and a medical career path. (Grade 9-12)

National Youth Leadership Forum: Engineering & Technology

Specialties in engineering and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace. This eight-day program, offered at four of the nation’s top engineering and technology universities, exposes students to what’s new in these innovative and highly competitive fields. Students practice the skills they need to make the most of college and set their trajectory for these demanding jobs.  (Grade 9-12)

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