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Indian Land Tenure Foundation Internship Program


The College Internship Program is designed to work with colleges and universities in offering a college internship opportunity for students to become directly involved in land tenure issues for college credit. This program places students at a tribal office working directly on land tenure issues under the supervision of appropriate tribal office staff and college faculty.

There are very few opportunities for educational development of Indian people interested in a career concentrated on Indian land tenure issues. Colleges, working with local Indian nations, can provide an opportunity for their students to gain on-site experience as well as providing the Indian nation with much needed assistance on specific projects. These internship opportunities provide students with the experience needed to develop into future Indian leaders who can build the capacity of Indian nations to grow their land base and effectively manage Indian lands.


Grant funding is currently limited. Out of respect for your time, we suggest sending a brief letter of inquiry including the following information:

  • Organization name and contact information (address, phone, email, etc.)
  • Budget range for successful implementation of project
  • Brief description of proposed project and rationale
  • Identify whether or not the proposed project has been discussed with college or tribal leaders

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