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Proceedings from the Columbia River Basin Tribal Water Quality Conference


The Columbia River Basin is currently home to 12 endangered salmonid stocks. Numerous tribal, federal, state, local, and private organizations are working to change this trend. Scientists have for many years recognized that increasing salmon numbers requires an increase in the health of watersheds and streams in which the salmon live. Increasing attention is being paid to improving water quality as a means to improve salmon survival. The CRITFC sponsored Columbia River Basin Tribal Water Quality Conference was held in Spokane November 15th and 16th 2000. The purpose was to coordinate and exchange information on water quality issues that are important to the Tribes. CRITFC invited members and water quality staff from the all the Tribes of the Columbia River Basin, as well as other representatives from groups and agencies that work with the Tribes on water quality issues. The event was attended by over eighty registered guests, representing Columbia Basin Tribes from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Canada, and a variety of other organizations involved with the Tribes in water quality protection and restoration efforts. Topics covered included TMDL development on the Columbia Mainstem and in the tributaries, tribal water quality standards, fund raising strategies, water contamination effects on wildlife and humans, Superfund sites, groundwater quality, the northwest regional temperature criteria guidance project, and various specific water quality studies and projects. Representatives of the Tribes met in a closed session to discuss tribal viewpoints on water quality issues, participation in regional and federal processes, and possibilities of holding the conference again in another year. There was an expressed interest in repeating the conference and possibly using it as a forum to hold policy level discussions on water quality issues and cooperation among the Tribes. Planning for the next conference will begin in January 2001.


Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


CRITFC (Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission). 2001. Proceedings from the Columbia River Basin Tribal Water Quality Conference. Spokane, Washington. November 15-16, 2000


May 1st, 2001

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