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Influence of Landscape and Environment on Salmonid Genetics: 2013-2014 Annual Report


This project addresses two objectives related to environmental and landscape features that contribute to population structure, life history diversification, and adaptation of salmonids. Objective 1) Environment & Landscape Genetics – Evaluate genetic structure of natural populations of salmonids relative to their environment and identify candidate markers associated with traits that are related to adaptation of steelhead and Chinook salmon populations. Objective 2) Controlled Experiments – experiments with controlled environmental variables to validate phenotypic response of fish with given genotypes.



Narum, S.R., N.R. Campbell, A.P. Matala, B. Hecht, and J. Hess. 2014. Influence of landscape and environment on salmonid genetics, 7/1/2013 ‐ 6/30/2014 Annual Report. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Technical Report 14-09, Portland, Oregon. 81p.


Aug 29th, 2014

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CRITFC Technical Report

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