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High-Throughput SNP Genotyping in Salmon and Steelhead


The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) is involved in conservation genetics research of salmon and is utilizing Fluidigm technology to characterize genetic variation in fish populations in the Columbia River. SNP genotypes of salmon from the Fluidigm EP1 system and 96.96 Dynamic Arrays provide a genetic signature for specific populations that may also be used to identify unknown origin fish during migration or in fisheries harvest. This may provide information to facilitate fisheries management in the Columbia River basin that includes several salmon stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act.



Narum, S.R., N. Campbell, Y. Yi. 2010. High-Throughput SNP Genotypping in Salmon and Steelhead. Colmbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Hagerman Technical Flyer #10_10, Portland, Oregon. (


Jan 1st, 2010

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CRITFC Technical Report

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