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Protecting the Columbia River

The Columbia River treaty tribes support energy and economic development in the Columbia Basin Salmon. We do not support, however, energy and economic development in the Columbia River Basin that comes on the backs of salmon or at the expense of tribal fishers and the...

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Looking Ahead: 2012 River Forecast

by Kyle Dittmer CRITFC Meteorologist/Hydrologist The spring melt and the high water levels (freshet) it brings to the Columbia River each year makes this time of year particularly dangerous for fishers. CRITFC monitors river conditions throughout the year and creates...

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First Salmon

By Gerry Lewis CRITFC Chairman The first salmon is making its way up the Columbia River, following the call that the Creator placed in it and its brothers and sisters to return home to renew life. As Indian people, the first salmon is the sign that we made it through...

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Sea Lion Update

by Doug Hatch Fisheries Biologist In early March, CRITFC technicians will begin nonlethal hazing of sea lions in the Bonneville Dam tailrace. We will be trying to move the sea lions away from the fish ladder entrances, where salmon are concentrated and most vulnerable...

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