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Looking Back; Looking Forward

Our upcoming annual report includes a section looking back over CRITFC’s three and a half decades. While going through the list of accomplishments, I couldn’t help but look forward to some new challenges that await us. The toxic contamination in the waters of the...

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Tribal Steelhead Kelt Project

On October 17, tribal and CRITFC staff released 57 adult steelhead that had been successfully reconditioned as part of a CRITFC/Nez Perce research program. Through the program, post-spawn adult steelhead are trapped at Lower Granite Dam, transported to Dworshak...

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Record Fall Chinook Run

This year has been a record-breaking run for the fall chinook salmon. The run has broken both the single day and total run records. The first record broken was for the single day fall chinook passage at Bonneville Dam. On September 9, 63,870 chinook passed. This broke...

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