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RFP: Professional Payroll Services

Closing Date: May 12, 2021

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a proposal for professional payroll services for our fish tagging project at the Hanford Reach field site on the Columbia River near Richland, Washington. The tagging project has been conducted annually since 1987. Each year a ten- or eleven-person crew is hired for up to thirteen consecutive days between late-May and mid-June to capture and tag juvenile fall Chinook salmon. The tagging crew members will be provided and supervised by CRITFC.

The requirements listed below were selected to meet our general needs for temporary payroll services. Although these requirements are subject to change or modification, please match them as closely as possible with your quotation. All specifics shall be negotiated and finalized by purchase order or contract.

Download complete RFP here.

Position Details

CRITFC is entitled to purchase from the GSA schedule, but is not required to do so. You may submit either GSA or open market pricing.

We anticipate the contractor whose proposal is the best solution for our needs will be selected in by May 21, 2021. Quotes must be valid through June 30, 2021. We will notify all contractors, whether they are disqualified, rejected, or unsuccessful although responsive.

Selection will be based on the ability of the proposed solution to meet the requirements below, the ability to support the requirements, and the anticipated price of the solution.

Essential Job Functions

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • The contractor must be able to provide a geographical presence near our Richland, Washington field location or they must be able to provide physical payroll checks to employees on specified dates and times (weekly).
  • The contractor will be responsible for all timekeeping and payroll of CRITFC’s temporary personnel.
  • Contractor shall utilize weekly timekeeping sheets for each of the temporary staff.
  • The temporary employee will complete the time sheets and have them reviewed by their CRITFC supervisor. The timesheet will then be submitted to the contractors designated contact for payroll and invoice processing.
  • The contractor will be responsible for the temporary employees’ federal and state payroll requirements up to, but not limited to, payroll taxes, payroll reports, workers’ compensation, and insurance.
  • Contractor may also be provided the flexibility to use an incentive pay program to reward attendance and performance. Details to be determined.
  • Employees must be paid weekly.

Pricing and Terms:

  • CRITFC will provide a list of tagging staff to be used, no recruiting required.
  • Project length is normally for 13 consecutive days between late-May and mid-June. Actual dates to be determined.
  • A base rate of $15.40 per hour worked will be required for first-time crew members, $18.82 for returning crew members. Overtime will be paid the equivalent of 1.5 his/her regular hourly rate of pay for time worked in excess of 40 hours per week. We are also planning to pay for 9-hour days, with one hour being a punctuality bonus. Additional performance bonuses (attendance and production) may also be awarded. It is likely that we will have up to four inexperienced crew members in 2021.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Contractors will be evaluated on, but not limited to, the following criteria (total weight 100%):

  • The ability of the contractor to meet the requirements; 40%.
  • The ability of the contractor to support the requirements; 40%.
  • The anticipated price of the services; 20%.



Working Conditions


CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy

The driver operating a CRITFC vehicle or their own private vehicle for business related purposes shall be in possession of a valid, unrestricted current driver’s license, or other operator’s license, as required by law; and be eligible for coverage under CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy. Upon request, CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle policy is available to applicants to review the required criteria.

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