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RFP: Police Patrol Vehicles

Closing Date: Sep 24, 2021

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a quotation for (4) four police pursuit vehicles to be used by our Enforcement Department for general law enforcement patrols along the Columbia River.

Position Details


Specifications are provided to identify the products/service required and to establish an acceptable quality and compatibility level. When an article of particular make, model or trade name is specified, it is meant to establish a quality standard and is not intended to eliminate competing articles of equal quality. Contractors are at liberty to quote on substitutions provided that complete specifications are included with the quote.

Unless otherwise specified, information to address equivalent substitutes in brand name or equal descriptions must include published information and descriptions that demonstrate equivalent functionality in terms of significant (or other specified, e.g. form, fit or function) performance characteristics; similar duration and scope of warranty protections; comparable experience with the same, similar, or predecessor product line; and an adequate period (or minimum period specified in the solicitation) of customer support experience to demonstrate a comparable acceptable level and availability of customer support.

The determination of whether a proposed substitute is acceptable is completely within the discretion of the CRITFC.

A listing of standard and available police pursuit vehicles options can be found at the following:
Please ensure the following is included in your quote (in addition to any standard manufacturer items).

Marked Patrol Vehicles:

  • 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD Police Pursuit Package 9C1 (Color: Black)
  • AMF Remote Keyless Entry Fleet package
  • AKO Deep-tinted glass
  • C49 Defogger, rear-window electric
  • C5Y GVM Rating – 7100 lbs.
  • IO3 Audio System AM/FM CD radio
  • JF4 Power Adjustable Pedals
  • K34 Cruise control
  • KW7 170-amp high output alternator
  • L83 5.3 L E85 V8 engine
  • MCY Transmission, 6 SPD Automatic
  • NE1 50 state emissions
  • UPF Bluetooth compatible system
  • UVC Backup camera
  • V76 Recovery Hooks, Front
  • WX7 wiring auxiliary speaker
  • 5HP Key single key system, 6 spare keys
  • 5T5 Seat override
  • 6C7 Front auxiliary dome lamp
  • 6E2 Single key system
  • 6J3 Wiring, grille lamps/speakers
  • 6J4 Wiring, Horn/Sirens circuit
  • 6J7 Flasher system – Headlamp & Tail lamp
  • 6N5 Rear window lock inoperative, rear doors inoperative (doors can only be opened from outside)
  • 7X6 Left Hand halogen spot lamp
  • 9C1 Police Package
  • 9G8 Daytime running lamps/auto headlamp delete
  • 9U3 SEO-Seats individual cloth (delete center section)
  • Dual batteries
  • Electronic shift transfer switch
  • Bucket seats


  • Vehicles shall be new (unused), current model of standard production, and shall be completely prepared for customer delivery through service by a factory franchised dealer prior to delivery.
  • A new car pre-delivery inspection and service sheet, properly completed and signed by the service manager of the seller shall be furnished with vehicles.
  • Vehicles shall include all inspection coupons, certificates, or warranty identification cards furnished in general and in accordance with standard warranty policy.
  • Warranty shall be honored by all franchised dealers of that make and model.


  • Pricing must fully represent all costs required to deliver all four vehicles.
  • All costs must be listed separately, clearly identified, and un-bundled.
  • Method of acquisition to be submitted as an outright purchase of vehicles with a one-time acquisition cost with all associated fees.
  • Quoted pricing to remain fixed.
  • Each quote must indicate that CRITFC will fully own the vehicles upon acceptance.
  • Quote shall include F.O.B. Destination Freight prepaid. FOB Destination to Hood River, Oregon, to be inclusive of packing, forwarding, freight, insurance charges, taxes, testing and any other associated charges.
  • Vehicles shall be shipped to destination within the delivery period; not to exceed 120 days.


  • Signed Manufacturers factory warranty shall be supplied.
  • All vehicles and options/equipment must carry a minimum 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty or factory standard warranty, whichever is longer.
  • Please include a list of items covered by warranties, each of their deductibles (if any), and the number of years covered or mileage for each.
  • Include all other warranties applicable.
  • All items supplied must be within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and not decrease performance or warranty.

New Vehicles Preparation

  • Vehicles must be turn-key ready at time of receipt.
  • Vehicles must have less than 150 miles on odometer.
  • Successful contractor must provide complete service to vehicles prior to delivery, which includes: Complete lubrication. Checking all fluid levels to insure they are filled to manufacturer’s recommended capacity. (Crankcase, differential, battery, radiator, power steering, transmission, etc.).
  • Any standard Parts and Service manuals shall be supplied.
  • A State of Oregon Motor Vehicle Inspection (safety and emissions) sticker prior to delivery.
  • Vehicles must be accompanied by a “Certificate of Origin” with owner listed as CRITFC (outright purchase), containing the manufacturers vehicles identification number (VIN), the number of engine cylinders and engine type, a general description of the body Gross Vehicles Weight (GVW), and the model name/number. Odometer disclosure must be completed.
  • Vehicles must be furnished with six full key sets each.
  • 30-day Oregon State temporary license tag.

Essential Job Functions


Job Requirements/Qualifications




Working Conditions


CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy

The driver operating a CRITFC vehicle or their own private vehicle for business related purposes shall be in possession of a valid, unrestricted current driver’s license, or other operator’s license, as required by law; and be eligible for coverage under CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy. Upon request, CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle policy is available to applicants to review the required criteria.

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