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RFP: Payroll Processing & Human Resource Information System Contractor

Closing Date: Sep 18, 2020

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites any qualified payroll processing and human resources information system (HRIS) Contractor, for the purpose of providing a professional payroll software system including payroll processing and consulting services, to submit a proposal in accordance with the details outlined in this request. Our organization is seeking a qualified Contractor with significant experience to assist CRITFC with its payroll processes and HRIS, any ancillary services, and time entry management.

Position Details

Currently, the CRITFC has 120 full-time employees and approximately 10 part-time employees. The headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, and there are employees stationed in satellite offices in The Dalles, Oregon; Boardman, Oregon; Hood River, Oregon; and in both Hagerman and Moscow, Idaho, and Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
Payroll Details:
  • Current Payroll System provided by PayChex, Inc.
  • Semi-monthly payroll for approximately 120 permanent full-time employees and 4 permanent part-time employees. Pay date is one semi-monthly period after the pay period dates.
  • CRITFC also employs temporary seasonal (full and part-time) employees working varied months out of the year.
  • Employees are based in multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest region and Pennsylvania. State/local tax remitting may involve multiple jurisdictions.
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance are provided through an employee benefits program provided by an insurance brokerage firm.
  • Employees participate in a qualified retirement plan (401k).
  • Current accounting system is Sage ERP 300.
  • At this time, human resources information processes are performed independently and are neither automated nor incorporated into the current payroll system software.

Essential Job Functions

  • Process payroll on time and accurately.
  • Automated data collection and approval functions for common payroll tasks or requests.
  • Implementation of new system and training of administrative staff by an experienced and knowledgeable implementation team.
  • Integration of interdepartmental software systems and/or other Human Resource department processes.
  • Responsive, intuitive system for time entry on various devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, cellphones, etc.
  • Efficient use of resources through the reduction/elimination of duplicate data entry and processes; appropriate use of technology; process automation; access to data sets and reports.
  • Accuracy and timeliness of all aspects of payroll processing including federal, state, and local tax reporting and remittances.
  • Reduce risk by having secure and solid payroll data, improved internal controls, automated regulatory filing, and payment.
  • Flexibility to handle routine changes to data or processes, such as adding a field, creating a report, or workflow process with minimal outside assistance or fees.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

At minimum, the selected Contractor will be expected to provide the following services:
  • Cloud-based services.
  • Time and attendance tools.
  • Traditional payroll processing for entire employee base to include direct deposit and paper checks and/or any combination of both payment methods. Direct deposit must have capability to accommodate at least four additional banking transfers per employee.
  • Ability to process retroactive payments (including negative amounts), final checks, special pay runs, vacation/sick conversions, lump sum payments, bonus payments, etc.
  • Ability to handle various time reporting configurations, various hour work weeks, and various accruals.
  • Ability to track labor distribution to multiple cost centers.
  • Ability to convert number of hours reported in a pay period to 86.67 hours for period payment for full time employees. ┬áMust also be able to convert using other standard hours (e.g. 69.34 or 65)
  • Ability to convert labor distribution of up to 96 hours or as low as 72 hours in a period proportionally to 86.67 hours. ┬áPart-time employees must also be converted to other standard hours.
  • Ability to set a maximum on total payment.
  • Ability to calculate and track compensatory time according to CRITFC parameters.
  • Management of accrual balances, leave requests and approvals, and exception reporting.
  • System must manage employees working in multiple departments, locations and/or holding multiple jobs and pay rates.
  • Payroll data is updated automatically when new components are added.
  • Ability to customize and run multiple reports with no additional cost.
  • User friendly custom reporting system in Excel and PDF format.
  • Real time reporting.
  • Reports can be produced across multiple years.
  • Automation of recurring reports.
  • Timely/accurate filing of taxes (local, state, and federal).
  • Setup and remittance of Income Withholding Orders to different entities across the states.
  • New hire reporting to government agencies.
  • Provide on-line employee access including data access, time and attendance, W-4 forms, benefit access, check stubs and tax forms.
  • Auditable on-line timesheet approval process.
  • Ability to track COBRA, FMLA and unemployment information.
  • Management of deductions and compensatory time.
  • Benefit tracking and administration.
  • Affordable Care Act tracking and reporting including electronic submission to IRS.
  • Completion and filing of W-2 forms.
  • Maintains historical data.
  • Ability to format data for input to accounting software system (currently Sage ERP 300).
  • Ability to make certain types of changes once that populate to other areas: Example: change the tax rate for a local jurisdiction that extends to all employees in that jurisdiction.
  • Integration of payroll and HR activities.
  • No-cost training and customer support; online webinars and training resources.
  • A reliable customer service center with experienced and informed staff that can respond to our questions within minutes. The CRITFC would prefer a dedicated service team which is available, at minimum, during normal business hours and days (e.g. 0800-1700, Monday-Friday).



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