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RFP: Patrol Boat

Closing Date: Aug 19, 2019

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a proposal for a Fisheries Patrol Boat according to the specifications listed below, to be used by our Enforcement Department for general fisheries related law enforcement and search and rescue purposes on the Columbia River.

The specifications listed below were selected to meet our needs as imposed by the conditions of the Columbia River areas we patrol, and were also designed to maximize compatibility with the rest of our Patrol vessels.

Although these specifications are subject to change or modification, please match them as closely as possible with your quotation. All final specifications shall be negotiated and finalized by purchase order or contract prior to manufacture.

CRITFC is entitled to purchase from the GSA schedule, but is not required to do so. You may submit either GSA or open market pricing if GSA pricing is not available.

We anticipate that the provider whose proposal is the best solution for our project will be selected by September 02, 2019. We will notify all providers, whether they are disqualified, rejected, or unsuccessful although responsive.

Position Details


Essential Job Functions


Job Requirements/Qualifications

I. Specifications:

Note: All construction shall comply with Coast Guard approved standards including but not limited to navigation, battery storage, bilge ventilation, and fuel systems and be ABYC compliant.

  • 26 foot by 8’6” beam, 84 inch Chine Beam width Aluminum hull.
  • 40” side height
  • 11’ Maximum height of boat and trailer floor to top of radar dome. Also state in your proposal the total length, width, and height of the boat and trailer with attachments such as kicker.
  • .250 gauge 5086 alloy bottom, 18- 20 degree dead rise V.
  • .250 gauge 5086 alloy beaching plate.
  • .190 gauge 5086 alloy sides.
  • 90-110 gallon minimum fuel capacity with water separating filter (fill marked diesel).
  • 8 cyl. Marine performance diesel engine (Yanmar 8LV 370hp or equivalent) to fit with Hamilton 241 jet drive including step down intake rake.
  • 15 hp, 4 stroke outboard kicker with remote steering and electric trim mounting bracket.
  • Kicker will have a built-in gas tank (fill marked gas).

Other options:

  • Cabin/Pilot House style hard top including a rear Alaskan type bulkhead with glazed sliding door (with lock open latch) and forward walk through two piece door (glass windshield in upper door panel).
  • Sliding side windows (tinted). All windows to be aluminum framed, bolt in windows, not rubber sealed or “press fit” windows.
  • Cabin shall be set back to accommodate drop deck.
  • Forward bow deck constructed of diamond aluminum plate in two levels as bow V allows with 5’ fully sealed self-bailing drop work deck, height of deck to be determined after vendor selection.
  • Three Pop up stainless steel cleats in side of front deck above anchor box, location to be determined after vendor selection.
  • 6” by 6’ recessed grate covered deck trough (app 1/2” openings) with dual high output macerator pumps w/ separate power circuits & automatic float switches to drain front work deck
  • Self draining anchor storage box in upper bow level w/ cleat in storage box for anchor line.
  • Bow eye for winch on trailer recessed into bow.
  • Windshield angled to aft.
  • Dual pantographic wipers.
  • Exterior and interior coated with charcoal zolotone and clear coat or equivalent.
  • Carpet head liner and side walls.
  • 2 parallel ceiling mounted grab bars.
  • 2 five-inch LED dome lights (combo red and white).
  • Oversized dash top for mounting electronic equipment.
  • Commercial grade lighted gauges and electrical accessory panels.
  • In dash depth gauge.
  • Single switch for all dash equipment lights for blackout mode.
  • Accessory shelf above windshields (if possible) and above side windows.
  • Marine grade, non-skid coated plywood cabin floor.
  • Stick steering.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic suspension seats for operator and front passenger raised for better visibility.
  • Heavy duty marine grade upholstered rear cabin seats (one each side facing center) with back and bottom fitted as top access to storage box.
  • CO detector.
  • 12V power points, 2 in bow just forward of cabin, 2 in cabin, 2 in stern.
  • Electric horn.
  • High output/capacity cabin heater and windshield defrost.
  • Hard top roof arch for mounting radar and accessories.
  • Two 1250 gph, or greater, automatic bilge pumps w/ separate power circuits.
  • Bilge blower ventilation system.
  • Automatic CO2 engine fire extinguishing system.
  • Dual Marine deep cycle jell cell maintenance free batteries.
  • Isolated ignition power and separate large gauge electronics power circuits.
  • Onboard shore power battery charging system.\
  • Exterior grab bars on hardtop.
  • Vertical grab bars on port and starboard side of rear edge of cabin
  • Pop up stainless steel cleats at fore and aft of rear deck
  • Galvanized cleats at forward edge of cabin (location to be determined at build time)
  • No bow rails
  • Deck and gunwales coated with spray on non-skid material. Interior sides coated with charcoal zolotone and clear coat or equivalent.
  • Wash down system w/ high output pump for bow and stern decks w/ detachable hose & nozzle.
  • High output LED recessed headlights in hull bow.
  • Aluminum diamond plate stern deck coated with spray on non-skid material.
  • Hinged engine cowling coated with charcoal zolotone and clear coat.
  • Fully sealed stern deck w/ grate covered deck trough (app 1/2” openings) with macerating pump.
  • Storage box on starboard side of engine with diamond plate aluminum top coated with spray on non skid material (same elevation as engine cowling).
  • Port side deck next to engine to be same level as lower deck with step at rear of deck
  • Self draining trays for mooring lines along stern sides.
  • Heavy duty transom tow bitt without reel, located mid beam.
  • Transom storage box with 300 ft. of 1 inch orange tow line.
  • Welded swim deck w/ drop down swim ladder at rear of deck opposite of kicker. Kicker motor recessed into swim deck port side.
  • Welded jet drive guard bars.
  • Transom mounted transducers.
  • Sacrificial anodes.
  • Type IV Ring Buoy mounted on bulkhead w/ 60’ line attached to cleat on bulkhead w/ACR SM-2 Automatic crew-overboard marker light attached.
  • ACR GlobalFIX V4 Category I Class 2 EPIRB
  • Full complement of navigation lighting.
  • 2 mini halogen spreader lights mounted under rear overhang of hardtop for rear deck lighting
  • 1 33000 cp LED flood lights forward (30”)
  • 2 forward facing infrared light bar at each of 30” bar
  • 1 22000 cp LED flood lights aft (20”)
  • 2 22000 Lumen LED flood lights, one on each side of cabin (20”)
  • 2 Remote operated 650,000 cp Spot/Flood lights w/ dual controls separately controlled.
  • Alternator capable of supporting additional lighting and electronics load
  • Blue LED emergency lights forward and aft
  • PA/siren speaker.
  • Tandem axle slick bunk heavy duty trailer with high performance surge disc brakes on both axles and oil bath hub bearings (steel for strength, design for heavy loads in bow of boat with fish & nets)
  • Backup lights in rear of trailer


  • Raymarine Axiom Pro 12 dual station system
  • 2KW Radar dome for Axiom Pro.
  • GPS for Axiom Pro
  • Side scan sonar module
  • Transom mount transducer
  • Columbia River Chart module
  • Install Motorola Quad Band police radio (supplied by CRITFC, installed by vendor)
  • Install Motorola dual band APX 7500 police radio. (supplied by CRITFC, installed by vendor)
  • Install Panasonic Toughbook mobile computer w/docking station.(supplied by CRITFC, installed by vendor)
  • VHF marine radio
  • FireCom intercom/radio system w/two wired and two wireless headset including a 110V charging system

II. Requirements

  • Boat shall be new (unused), current model of standard production, and shall be completely prepared for customer on receipt of delivery.
  • All construction shall comply with Coast Guard approved standards including but not limited to navigation, battery storage, bilge ventilation, and fuel systems and be ABYC compliant.
  • A boat pre-delivery inspection and service sheet, properly completed and signed by the seller shall be furnished with the boat.
  • Boat shall include all inspection coupons, certificates, or warranty identification cards furnished in general and in accordance with standard warranty policy.
  • Warranty shall be honored by all franchised dealers of that make and model.

III. Pricing

  • Pricing must fully represent all costs required to deliver the entire boat.
  • All costs must be listed separately, clearly identified, and un-bundled.
  • Method of acquisition shall be submitted as an outright purchase of the boat package with a one-time acquisition cost with all associated fees. Please provide a quote, which provides the best value and savings to CRITFC.
  • Quoted pricing to remain fixed for the duration of the term.
  • Each quote must indicate that CRITFC will fully own the boat upon acceptance if an outright purchase, or, if lease-to-own, at the end of the lease terms.
  • Quote shall include F.O.B. Destination Freight prepaid. FOB Destination to be inclusive of packing, forwarding, freight, insurance charges, taxes, testing and any other associated charges.
    Boat and all associated equipment shall be shipped to destination by the delivery period; 120 days, or less, after finalized contract and issuance of a Purchase Order.

IV. Warranty

  • Signed Manufacturers factory warranty shall be supplied.
  • Please include a list of items covered by warranties, each of their deductibles (if any), and the number of years covered for each.
  • Include all other warranties applicable.
  • All items supplied must be within original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and not decrease performance or warranty.

V. New Vehicle Preparation

  • Boat must be turn-key ready at time of receipt.
  • Adjustment of engine to proper operating condition.
  • Checks to insure perfect operation of all mechanical and electrical features.
  • Check to insure there are no appearance defects.
  • Thorough cleaning and washing if necessary, of boat and removal of all unnecessary tags, stickers, as well as any factory and shipment packaging.
  • Any standard Parts and Service manuals shall be supplied.
  • Boat must be accompanied by a “Certificate of Origin” with owner listed as CRITFC (outright purchase), containing the manufacturers vessel identification number, a general description of the boat and engine, and the model name/number.

VI. Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Contractors will be evaluated on, but not limited to, the following criteria (total weight 100%):

  • The ability of the contractor to meet the specifications; 40%.
  • The ability of the contractor to support the requirements; 40%.
  • The anticipated price of the services; 20%



Working Conditions


CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy


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