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Professional Services and Genetics Equipment

Closing Date: Open until filled.

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a quotation for a sequencer for our lab located in Hagerman, Idaho. The Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is a 13,000 square foot facility that houses six analytical laboratories to explore fish genetics and pathology, a wet lab to study fish diet and production, and a tissue archive to store fish samples from around the Pacific Northwest for future DNA testing.

Position Details

Specifications are provided to identify the products/service required and to establish an acceptable quality and compatibility level. When an article of particular make, model or trade name is specified, it is meant to establish a quality standard and is not intended to eliminate competing articles of equal quality. Contractors are at liberty to quote on substitutions provided that complete specifications are included with the quote.

Unless otherwise specified, information to address equivalent substitutes in brand name or equal descriptions must include published information and descriptions that demonstrate equivalent functionality in terms of significant (or other specified, e.g. form, fit or function) performance characteristics; similar duration and scope of warranty protections; comparable experience with the same, similar, or predecessor product line; and an adequate period (or minimum period specified in the solicitation) of customer support experience to demonstrate a comparable acceptable level and availability of customer support. The determination of whether a proposed substitute is acceptable is completely within the discretion of the CRITFC.

Our intention is to obtain a next generation DNA sequencer. The primary use of this instrument is to generate sequence data for fish samples using GT-seq, RAD-seq, RNA-seq, and whole genomes. Each year the lab processes and analyzes over 100,000 fish for genotypic analysis. Typical use is for conservation genetics of Pacific Salmonids and other native fish species.

We are looking for an automated system that will allow us to process samples in a consistent, efficient and timely manner. The Hagerman lab currently owns and operates an Illumina NextSeq 500 that will be replaced or augmented with newer technology. We are looking for an instrument that will provide clear improvement while allowing us to easily adapt our existing benchtop protocols for use on a new instrument.

Models of interest are as follows: Illumina NextSeq 1000, Illumina NextSeq 2000, others with similar output specifications.

Complete details are found in the official RFP. Download it here.

Essential Job Functions

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