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Maintenance Supervisor

Closing Date: Jul 31, 2019

The position provides the direct supervision of the maintenance workers hired to maintain the Tribal In-Lieu/Treaty Fishing Access Sites along the Columbia River. The supervisor must direct the safe work of multiple employees operating a variety of hand tools, power tools, motorized equipment and vehicles in multiple locations as they perform a variety of trade practices such as operating Public Water Systems, painting, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, electrical, landscape maintenance, gardening and custodial work.

Position Details

  • Department: Fishing Site Maintenance Department
  • Classification: Full time, Regular, Exempt
  • Salary/Wage: CRITFC Grade 9 Step 1-5. $51,244 – $58,075
  • Location: The Dalles, OR

Essential Job Functions

  1. Provides preventative maintenance and directs the corrective maintenance and minor building repairs to the various facilities. The supervisor maintains and repairs or directs the repair of boat ramps and paved areas at the sites or at other facilities within the jurisdiction of the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites.
  2. The supervisor performs and directs the maintenance of facilities to include removing, cleaning, replacing, packing and sealing any defective parts of utility facilities, water and irrigation systems. Cleans and directs the cleaning of related fixtures: picnic tables; shelters; fireplaces and fish cleaning tables. Provides an adequate selection of the appropriate tools, materials, and directs the safest methods and techniques to carry out the work. Performs visual inspection of the sites to ensure they are in good working condition. Reports and directs the repairs of any vandalism to the facilities, i.e. to fireplaces, paints, plumbing, graffiti, lighting fixtures, arson or any other major destruction etc., as well as supervises the protection of the facilities through winterizing procedures.
  3. The supervisor cleans and directs the cleaning of restrooms and vault toilets to include: sweeping and mopping; cleaning and sanitation of fixtures, toilets, sinks, benches and shower fixtures; cleaning windows, mirrors and light fixtures; providing toilet paper as needed; and collecting and disposing of trash, litter and debris. The supervisor replenishes janitorial supplies as needed and reports the expenditure of funds to the Fishing Site Maintenance Manager.
  4. Supervises the seasonal gardening tasks such as fertilizing, preparing seedbeds, transplanting, seeding, aerating, pruning, trimming and applying chemicals to plants according to directions. Assists and directs the cuttings, trimming and removal of fallen trees and brush. Ensures that all maintenance workers are trained in the safe uses of power mowers, including riding mowers used to maintain grounds; supervises the maintenance of such mowers and other power equipment. Mows and directs maintenance workers in the mowing of all improved and unimproved areas. Supervises the application of vegetation control chemicals on gravel-surfaced areas, pathways, roads, parking areas, and campsites. Operates and maintains the irrigation system and trains the other maintenance workers how to safely operate and maintain the systems.
  5. The Maintenance Supervisor is the Safety Officer for The Dalles facility of the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites Maintenance Program. The Safety Officer will have a working knowledge of HAZMAT and OSHA protocols as they apply to the types of maintenance required at the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites. The supervisor monitors all aspect of the maintenance program for safety hazards, reports emergency situations or the abuse of safety and protection policies / rules governing the sites to the Fishing Site Maintenance Manager. Operates and maintains boats and motor vehicles and directs the safe use of all equipment and vehicles required to perform inspections, remove trash, transport supplies and equipment.
  6. The Maintenance Supervisor generates Purchase Order Requests (POR’s) required for routine supply and operations goods and services. The supervisor will assist the Fishing Site Maintenance Manager in establishing the goods and services providers for the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites.
  7. The Maintenance Supervisor will assist the Fishing Site Maintenance Manager with the preparation of the annual maintenance and non-routine maintenance budget.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Three years minimum maintenance supervisory experience and a total of five years’ experience as a maintenance or construction worker required.
  • Ability to supervise the safe and efficient performance of work to established standards for all of the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites along the Columbia River. Must have knowledge of how to perform general maintenance operations and provide other maintenance workers with work orders, written directions and oral instructions. Applicants must be able to communicate and provide interpretive instructions on specifications, work orders and blueprints. The maintenance supervisor must have the ability to safely operate vehicles, power equipment, hand tools and direct other maintenance workers to do the same. Knowledge of preventative maintenance, tools and equipment are a requirement.
  • Must become qualified as a Very Small Water System Operator within twelve months of accepting the position of Crew Supervisor.
  • Working Competency in Microsoft Word and Excel program is required.


  • Supervision Received: Supervised by Fishing Site Maintenance Manager.
  • Supervision Given: Supervises one or more seasonal and full-time maintenance workers.

Working Conditions

This position is located in The Dalles, Oregon. Duties require the maintenance supervisor to travel up and down the Columbia River in order to maintain the Tribal In-Lieu / Treaty Fishing Access Sites. The duty days and hours must be flexible enough to meet peak use times dictated by the treaty fishing seasons and occasional overtime or weekend work may be required. Normal duty days and hours during Standard Time will be five 8-hour days per week and during Daylight Savings Time it will be four 10-hour days per week. The maintenance supervisor must be able to lift 75 lbs. (tools, equipment and supplies, i.e. bags of fertilizer or grass seed, and trees / shrubs) and must be physically mobile in an unimproved riverbank setting.

The applicant must be available to work full time plus occasional overtime during the treaty fishing seasons and or when emergency non-routine maintenance repairs are required.

CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy

The driver operating a CRITFC vehicle or their own private vehicle for business related purposes shall be in possession of a valid, unrestricted current driver’s license, or other operator’s license, as required by law; and be eligible for coverage under CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy. Upon request, CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle policy is available to applicants to review the required criteria.

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