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Genetics Laboratory Technician

Closing Date: Nov 5, 2021

Founded in 1977, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission is the technical support and coordinating agency for fishery management policies of the Columbia River basin’s four treaty fishing tribes: the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon, the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, and the Nez Perce Tribe. With a team of more than 130 employees in four locations in Oregon and Idaho, we work to put fish back in the rivers, protect treaty fishing rights, share salmon culture, and provide direct services to tribal fishers along the Columbia River. Our goal is to ensure healthy Columbia Basin salmon runs that support a sustainable harvest today and for future generations.

We are seeking to fill the position of Genetics Laboratory Technician. This position is part of CRITFC’s Fishery Science Department, but will be located with the genetics group at the Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station in Hagerman, ID. This research group is involved in testing conservation, evolution, and ecological theories related to salmonids and other fishes. The Genetics Laboratory Technician will work under the Lead Geneticist and Lab Managers, in association with CRITFC geneticists and other technicians, as well as staff of the Fishery Science Department in Portland, OR. Efforts will focus on applying empirical genetics/genomics data to address questions related to conservation and recovery of steelhead, Chinook, sockeye, and coho salmon, sturgeon, lamprey, and other fishes of the Columbia River Basin.

Position Details

  • Starting Salary: $39,738-$45,035 (CRITFC scale of GS7/1 to GS7/5; DOQ))
  • Benefits: Full health benefits (Health, Dental, Vision) and retirement package
  • Department: Fishery Science
  • Classification: Full-time, Regular, Non-Exempt
  • Location: Hagerman, Idaho

Essential Job Functions

Specific duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

  1. Prepare sampling materials for collecting fish tissue samples in the field
  2. Extract DNA from fish tissues
  3. Prepare DNA libraries for next-generation sequencing (e.g., RAD-seq, RNA-seq, GT-seq)
  4. Analyze genetic markers on specialized laboratory equipment
  5. Data entry into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Progeny database
  6. Complete QA/QC protocols
  7. Communicate effectively with project leaders
  8. Participate in interagency workgroups, as necessary
  9. Other duties as assigned and as appropriate to CRITFC goals and purposes.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

The Genetics Laboratory Technician is required to meet ONE of the following education criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field of science
  • Associate’s degree with one year’s experience
  • Three years’ experience in a related position

In addition, the technician must have demonstrated skills in the following areas.

  1. Knowledge of basic scientific principles achieved through experience or college level courses
  2. Proficiency with computer hardware and software (i.e., Microsoft Excel, Word)
  3. Willingness to learn laboratory techniques and protocols
  4. Ability to perform repetitive tasks while maintaining concentration
  5. Strong attention to detail
  6. Dedicated work ethic
  7. Good Interpersonal and communication skills
  8. Physical ability to stand 4-6 hours/day, perform assigned laboratory duties (requires keen motor skills), lift up to 30 pounds. Occasionally will be required to work with toxic, volatile, corrosive chemicals and/or carcinogenic substances with appropriate safety gear.

Additional Desirable Qualifications:

  1. Previous laboratory experience with molecular techniques (e.g., PCR)
  2. Experience with database imports, exports, and queries
  3. Knowledge of genomics and next-generation sequencing


Genetics Laboratory Technicians must have the ability to work independently, but coordinate and communicate well with project leaders and the Lead Geneticist in Hagerman, and staff in the Fishery Science department in Portland. There are no supervisory duties associated with the position, however, the position may involve training new technicians on laboratory protocols.

Working Conditions

Most of the work is performed in a laboratory or office setting. At times, it will be necessary to participate in field sampling and attend regional meetings, conferences and workshops.

CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy

The driver operating a CRITFC vehicle or their own private vehicle for business related purposes shall be in possession of a valid, unrestricted current driver’s license, or other operator’s license, as required by law; and be eligible for coverage under CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy. Upon request, CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle policy is available to applicants to review the required criteria.

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