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The Dalles Reservoir Sturgeon Research Efforts for the Winter of 2013-14

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) in cooperation with the Yakama Nation (YN) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) will contract with three tribal fishers to catch and tag white sturgeon in The Dalles Reservoir this winter. This work is part of the White Sturgeon Research Program funded by the Bonneville Power Administration (Project No. 86-50). This research work will not occur in any other reservoirs. Contractors will use their own boats and fishing gear (i.e. diver nets) on the project. Contractor boats will be identified by two 1’ x 3’ banners attached to the port and starboard sides. Each banner will be bright yellow in color with the word “RESEARCH” written on it in large block letters. Net floats will be labeled with “CRITFC RESEARCH” and a contact telephone number. Contractor’s nets will also be labeled with the contract fisher’s tribal enrollment number for identification purposes.

The project is scheduled to begin December 9, 2013 and should be completed by January 2014. Tagging activities will operate on a Monday through Friday schedule, although some weekend work may occur due to holidays and inclement weather delays. Sets will generally be overnight unless poor weather conditions do not permit safe removal. Yakama Nation Fisheries technicians will coordinate data collection and daily operations. Fishers contracted to this program will not be participating in commercial fishing activities until completion of the contract work.

Contract fishers on the project are Robert Brigham, Bryson Bronson, and Austin McConville. Yakama Nation fishery technicians on the project are James Kiona, Alfred McConville, and David Sohappy. If you desire more information or have comments regarding the sampling effort, please contact Blaine Parker at (503) 731-1268.

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