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Summer Fishery Update

The upper Columbia summer chinook run size was a bit less than forecast and is expected to be about 65,000 at the mouth. Sockeye had an unusually late run timing and turned out to be just over the forecast run size. The final sockeye run may be close to 184,000 at the mouth.

There were 6 weekly commercial gillnet fisheries during the summer season with 21 days of fishing. This is the second largest number of days of gillnet fishing since 2004. Sales of platform and hook and line fish have also occurred for most of this summer season. Mesh restrictions were used successfully to avoid a situation where reaching the sockeye harvest rate limit constrained fishing for chinook.

The estimated harvest for the summer season is 13,000 chinook, 10,000 sockeye, and 3,500 steelhead.

The tribes did not harvest all of the fish they had intended for C&S use in the spring and decided to issue more C&S gillnet permits at the end of the summer season and in the beginning of the fall season. Tribal regulations do not allow fish harvested during permit fishing periods to be sold.

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