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Summer Fishery Update

The tribal summer season fisheries are in full swing. The summer management period goes from June 16 through July 31. The pre-season forecast for Upper Columbia summer chinook is 67,500 at the river mouth.  The sockeye forecast is 347,100 at the Columbia River mouth, but of that we only expect 1,200 to be Snake River sockeye. The actual allowed catch for both of these species depends on the actual run size, not just the forecast run sizes. If the chinook run comes in near the forecast, the tribes should be able to catch about 18,500 chinook. The allowed sockeye harvest rate is 7%. If the sockeye run comes in near forecast, we can expect an allowed sockeye catch of just over 24,000 fish.

The first two weeks of summer gillnetting were set with two separate three-night fisheries. A seven-inch minimum mesh size is in place to help control the sockeye catch so we can try to make sure fishing can occur throughout the summer season. After these first two gillnet fisheries, we expect the tribes to set additional gillnet fisheries.  Platform and hook-and-line fishing is planned to continue through the summer season.

See the latest fish counts online here»

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