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Marijuana Remains Illegal on Fishing Access Sites

Neither Oregon’s medical marijuana law nor Washington’s recent marijuana legalization extends to federal lands in these states. The possession and use of marijuana on land or property owned by the federal government remains illegal. This includes the Zone 6 In-lieu and Treaty Fishing Access Sites, Celilo Village, and Corps of Engineers properties.

CRITFC Enforcement provides law enforcement at the fishing access sites and Celilo Village. They are required to enforce all applicable tribal and federal rules, regulations, and laws. Additionally, at a CRITFC Special Law Enforcement Committee meeting in March, Yakama, Umatilla, Warm Springs, and Nez Perce tribal government representatives reaffirmed a zero tolerance directive to CRITFC Enforcement in regards to illegal drugs, including marijuana. Possession, use, distribution, or manufacturing of marijuana or any other illegal drug on fishing access sites can result in citation and conviction.

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