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June Update: Spring and Summer Fishery Update and Forecast

The spring season fisheries should continue through June 15. This year’s spring chinook run has turned out slightly better than forecast. At press time, a total spring run of 271,000 upriver fish is predicted at the river mouth (the original forecast was 232,500). Of these, approximately 250,000 should reach Bonneville Dam. The jack counts are fairly low; this could mean a smaller return next year.

The four tribes’ permit gillnet fisheries harvested over 8,000 fish. The Zone 6 platform fisheries have caught about 2,500 fish. Around 900 fish were caught below Bonneville Dam.

Close to 4,000 fish were caught in the first week of commercial gillnet fishing and over 3,000 were caught in the second and third weeks. About 3,600 are expected to be caught in the fourth week. So far, the number of fish sold commercially by the tribes is larger than the number of fish caught in the mainstem commercially by the non-Indian fishery. The non-Indian mainstem commercial fishery has caught less than 4,000 upriver fish. It also caught less than 1,000 lower river fish that would not have passed Bonneville. The catch balance limit under the U.S. v. Oregon Management Agreement, ensures that the total non-treaty fishery impacts on upriver spring chinook are not more than the allowed tribal catch.

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