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July 27 Fishery Announcement

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Four Columbia River Tribes set the following fishery plan and the Columbia River Compact concurred:

Bonneville Pool Commercial Sturgeon Setline Fishery

The tribes will set the following commercial sturgeon setline opening for the Bonneville Pool:

  • Time: 6:00 AM Monday, August 1 through 6:00 PM Saturday, August 13, 2016
  • Area: Bonneville Pool only
  • Gear: Setlines with 9/0 or larger hooks.
  • Allowable Sales: Sturgeon from 38 to 54 inches fork length in the Bonneville Pool may be sold or kept for subsistence purposes during open periods for those pools. Sturgeon within the legal size limit and caught in platform and hook and line fishery may be sold if caught during the open period and open area of the setline fishery. Fish landed during the open periods are allowed to be sold after the period concludes. Fish landed during the open periods in areas open to setline gear are allowed to be sold after the period concludes.
  • Closed Areas: Standard closed areas for setlines will be in effect. Zone 6 Platform and Hook and Line Fishery

Zone 6 Platform and Hook-and-Line Fishery

The Zone 6 platform and hook and line fisheries remain open for subsistence purposes and commercial sales will be continue to be allowed for fish under existing regulations.

Gillnet Fishery

Fall Season Gillnet openings have not been finalized yet – an announcement will be distributed when these fisheries are set.

For current information regarding tributary fishing regulations and fishing downstream of Bonneville Dam, please contact tribal fishery departments directly.

Note: This announcement is an informational document and does not constitute a fishery regulation. Individual tribes determine actual fishing regulations for their members. Copies of regulations are available from tribal fishery departments.

If you have any fishing enforcement problems or need assistance or information, day or night, contact the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement Office, 4270 Westcliff Drive, Hood River, Oregon. Phone: (541)-386-6363 or toll-free (800)-487-FISH (3474). Show pride in your Tribe’s treaty rights by carrying your tribal ID. Please consult your tribal Fisheries Department for additional details on tribal regulations. PLEASE WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKETS FOR SAFETY and avoid overloading your boats.

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