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Gorge Fire Update: Fri 9/8, 12:00pm

Evacuation Information:

Evacuation levels remain unchanged.

  • Cascade Locks: Evacuation Level 2 (Get Set)

There has been some movement on the fire’s east boundary. This movement, combined with increased wind activity out of the west, could result in immediate evacuation notices for some areas including the following sites:

  • Wyeth
  • Wind River
  • Cooks
  • North Bonneville
  • Underwood
  • Drano and Stevenson boat launches

Please use this weekend’s fishery closure to prepare for possible evacuation. Have your belongings, your boat, and your gear ready to go in a moment’s notice. Human safety is priority one.

If you need assistance or transportation during an evacuation situation, please contact CRITFE at 541-386-6363.

Air Operations:

Air operations are getting water from the Columbia River to fight the fire during daylight hours. Weekend air operations could occur anywhere from Bonneville Dam to Dog Mountain. Please be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for low-flying aircraft. Give firefighting aircraft a wide berth (500 yards or 5 football fields) while they are operating on the river.


West winds could be problematic and create unpredictable fire conditions. This could spread more ash and embers over the river. Please be aware of your surroundings and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Tribal Fishery:

The current tribal fishery closes today at 6:00 pm. Please be sure to plan accordingly and give plenty of time to remove gear from the river. If you do not have access to the river or cannot access it safely before the fishery closure, please contact CRITFE for assistance.

Barges are still operating on the Columbia River so please keep an eye out and use normal precautions.

If you must access the Columbia River in the lower Bonneville Pool, consider using access sites on the Washington shore. Boat ramps at Cooks, Wind River, Stevenson, Drano Lake, and White Salmon are currently accessible for fishers needing to access the river or their gear. Please note that these could change depending on conditions.

Yakama Nation Fish and Game and CRITFE will be on the river for this week’s fishery closure. They may be available to assist tribal fishers in emergency situations. Please contact CRITFE for questions or assistance.


Access across the Bridge of the Gods is being regulated by state WADOT on the Washington side. CRITFE is working with WADOT to facilitate tribal fisher access. Please be prepared to show your tribal IDs for access.

Air Quality:

High level of smoke in the Gorge continues to create dangerous human health hazards. Please use a mask and avoid prolonged exposure to the smoke and haze. Outdoor vigorous or strenuous activity should be avoided. Vulnerable individuals with chronic cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, children, and the elderly should be especially cautious. If you feel the effects of smoke inhalation (nausea, headaches, or respiratory problems) please get inside or visit a medical facility.

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