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Gorge Fire Fisher Update

  • If you feel your safety is threatened, please evacuate. Your safety is the highest priority.
  • Be prepared to evacuate. Have your belongings, your boat, and your gear ready to go in a moment’s notice. Human safety is priority one.
  • If you must access the Columbia River, consider using access sites on the Washington shore. Boat ramps at Cooks, Wind River, Stevenson, Drano Lake and White Salmon are currently options for tribal fishers needing to access the river or their gear.
  • Tribal fishers should not to attempt to fight fire themselves unless it is in defense of themselves or other’s personal safety.
  • Firefighting aircraft are getting water directly from the Columbia River. Please look out for them.
  • Smoke and air quality can be dangerous. This is especially important for vulnerable individuals with chronic cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, children, and the elderly.
  • If you feel your health or safety is at risk please evacuate or stay indoors.
  • Current tribal fishing site evacuation levels:
    • Wyeth TFAS: Level 1
    • North Bonneville: Level 1
    • Cascade Locks: Level 2
  • Sites that may be impacted if wind and fire conditions change:
    • Wind River
    • Cooks
    • North Bonneville
    • Underwood
    • Drano and Stevenson Boat Launches
  • If you find yourself in an emergency situation, call 911.
  • Fishers needing emergency assistance can contact CRITFE at (541) 386-6363
  • Fishers with questions or concerns about fish buyers should contact Buck Jones at (971) 221-2546.

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