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Fishing Priorities

In 2008, CRITFC’s member tribes agreed to these priorities concerning the management of spring season fisheries:

Priority #1: Meet the traditional ceremonial needs of the tribes. The tribes will issue ceremonial gillnet permits to meet this need. The tribes will meet in the winter/spring to determine the appropriate portion of the total allowed tribal spring chinook harvest that will be set aside for ceremonial use and will agree to a percentage of that total allocation to be harvested by each of the four tribes.

Priority #2: Keep the platform/hook-and-line fishery open for subsistence use all year. Generally, the tribes will set ceremonial permit levels and timing of permits so that even if the run size is reduced, the platform fishery will still be able to remain open for subsistence use.

Priority #3: Commercial fisheries. Commercial fisheries may include sales of platform and hook-and-line caught fish and may include commercial gillnet fisheries if there are sufficient impacts. The tribes will pace any commercial fisheries so as to not put the subsistence platform fishery at risk.

Below Bonneville Dam: The tribes generally prioritize the Zone 6 fishery over the fishery below Bonneville Dam.

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