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COVID Treaty Fishing Access Site Closure List

Due to the National State of Emergency regarding the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, the CRITFC Commissioners from the four member tribes recommended to the BIA (click here to see request letter) to close 13 of the upper river Treaty Fishing Access Sites until May 1, 2020. This was done to help ensure the health and safety of the tribal members living and working on and at the In-lieu and Treaty Fishing Access Sites.

The closed sites are all the Treaty Fishing Access Sites above John Day Dam:

  • Alder Creek TFAS
  • Alderdale TFAS
  • Crow Butte TFAS
  • Faller Road TFAS
  • Goodnoe TFAS
  • LePage TFAS
  • Moonay TFAS
  • North Shore TFAS
  • Pasture Point TFAS
  • Pine Creek TFAS
  • Rock Creek TFAS
  • Roosevelt TFAS
  • Three Mile Canyon TFAS

The following sites remain OPEN, which includes all In-lieu and Treaty Fishing Access Sites below John Day Dam:

  • Cascade Locks In-lieu
  • Celilo TFAS
  • Cooks In-lieu
  • Dallesport TFAS
  • Lone Pine In-lieu
  • Lyle TFAS
  • Maryhill TFAS
  • North Bonneville TFAS
  • Preachers Eddy TFAS
  • Rufus TFAS
  • Stanley Rock TFA
  • Underwood In-lieu
  • White Salmon TFAS
  • Wind River In-lieu
  • Wyeth TFAS

Visit the Tribal Fishers and Access Site Residents COVID-19 Resource Guide for more information and resources.

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