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Boat Motor Weatherization

Engine repairNow is the time to perform your end-of-season motor maintenance and weatherization to ensure your vessel will be ready to go next year. One of the most important things you can do to take care of your motor is to remove all the fuel from it before it goes into storage. Boat fuel—which contains ethanol—can’t be left sitting in the engine for more than 2 weeks, as it creates a varnish that can prevent the engine from starting and separate, leaving a layer of water than can rust your motor.

Follow these steps to remove all the fuel from your two-cycle or four-cycle stroke, outboard motor:

  1. Check the lower unit to see that no water is in the unit.
  2. Empty the fuel tank.
  3. Replace the lower unit gear oil (refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations).
  4. Hook a garden hose up to your motor with a set of motor ear muffs, turn on the water, then start the engine.
  5. While its running, disconnect the fuel line from the motor and allow it to run until it dies. Try to turn it over one or two more times to ensure all the fuel is out of the carburetor and the engine is completely dry.

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