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2014 Sturgeon Stock Activities

Sturgeon stock assessment activities will occur in The Dalles Reservoir during the months of June, July, and early August this summer. This is part of a cooperative tribal/state program to assess the population sizes and growth rates for Sturgeon in Zone 6. This project collects important data used to manage fisheries. The data involves catching and releasing sturgeon using set lines and re-captures fish that were tagged by the tribal staff earlier. In June, this work will be during the weeks of June 9th-12th, June 16th-19th, and June 23rd-26th. In July, researchers will be there during the weeks of July 21st-24th, July 28th-31st, and the week of August 4th-7th. Two boats, one from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the other from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will work together each week, setting 18-20 set lines per day. All set lines will be marked with large inflatable buoys placed at both ends of each set line and marked with Research ODFW or Research WDFW. To avoid potential gear entanglements, please avoid setting gillnets between the buoys. If the set lines are blocking a fishing site and you contact the research crew, they generally can move the set line to another location. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the research, please contact Blaine Parker at CRITFC, 503-238-0667.

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