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2013 Spring Fishery Update

The winter gillnet fishery ended March 21. Its timing and catch size was similar to last year. The sturgeon guideline was reached in the Bonneville and John Day pools, but not in The Dalles pool.

The 2013 ceremonial permit fisheries are currently underway. The ceremonial permit fisheries are expected to go on for several weeks. As of March 22, only 122 spring chinook had passed Bonneville, but this is a lot more than the count of only 22 fish by that date last year.

The tribes have decided to keep the fisheries downstream of Bonneville closed until at least April 15, when a new run size estimate will be made. This is done in part to help ensure that fish are able to pass upstream for ceremonial permit and subsistence fisheries in Zone 6. The tribes will open the fishing areas downstream of Bonneville when they believe it is the right time so that the fishery fits in with Zone 6 fishing efforts.

Commercial spring chinook sales are currently closed as tribal rules do not allow the sale of spring chinook during periods when ceremonial permit fisheries are occurring. Check your tribe’s regulations for more information specific to you.

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