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2013 Spring and Summer Salmon Run and Fishery – June Update

Spring Season fisheries

The U.S. v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee downgraded the spring chinook run from the pre-season forecast of 141,400 to 107,500. Because the Columbia River fishery is managed according to an abundance-based harvest rate schedule, the number of upriver spring chinook available for the treaty and non-treaty fishery was set at 15,910 fish to be split 50/50 between the two groups. This was a lot less than what would have been available had the run been as high as forecast. The total tribal mainstem catch has reached its harvest limit, resulting in the tribes making the decision to close the spring fishery, including the Zone 6 platform and hook-and-line fishery.

At the time of publication, the non-treaty fishery was still open, as it had harvested only 5,493 of its share of 7,955 fish.

As of May 17, the preliminary tribal spring harvest was:

  • Hook-and-line fishery downstream of Bonneville: 2,980
  • Zone 6 platform and hook-and-line fishery catch: 1,180
  • Ceremonial permit harvest: 4,090

The tribes have prioritized spring fisheries for Ceremonial and Subsistence use which is why they did not choose to allow fishers to sell their catch.

If the counts at Bonneville were to pick up some, it might be possible that the run would be revised upward enough to get the tribal fishery open again at some point before the summer management period begins on June 16. At press time it is unclear when or if that might happen.

Summer Season fisheries

The pre-season Upper Columbia summer chinook forecast is for just over 73,000 fish at the Columbia River mouth. The sockeye forecast is for just over 180,000 fish at the mouth. Based on these forecasts, there should be pretty good commercial fishing opportunity in the summer season. The tribes have not set summer fisheries yet, but will make these decisions soon.

A continuously updated fish count and graphs for all the Columbia and Snake mainstem dams is on the CRITFC homepage ( Fishery announcements are also posted to the CRITFC website in the Fisher Services section as well as on CRITFC’s Facebook page. To have the latest fishery information delivered to you via text message, send a text containing the word “critfc” to the number 55958.

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