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2013 Fishery Update

Winter fishery

The tribes took action to set a closure date for the winter gillnet fishery in the John Day Pool. The fishery closed at 6pm on February 27. The other pools remain open and commercial sales rules in those pools stay the same for now.

Spring fishery

The pre-season forecast for upriver spring chinook is 141,400 at the Columbia River mouth. Fisheries are managed based on the actual run size and the allowed harvest rate changes depending on the run size. So while if the run came in at forecast, tribal fisheries would be allowed a 9.1% harvest rate which equates to a catch of just under 13,000 fish, the actual total number of fish the tribes can catch depends on the actual run size which won’t be known for a while. As of February 27, three spring chinook have been counted at Bonneville Dam. It is pretty normal for just a couple of fish to have passed Bonneville by this time of year.

Fall forecast

The fall chinook pre-season forecasts have been made. We are predicting an excellent run of Upriver Bright fall chinook but a fairly low run of Spring Creek tules. The steelhead forecasts have not been made yet. Coho numbers should be improved over last year’s returns. The tribes will discuss fall fisheries management later in the summer.


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