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In order to accomplish its mission, the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission employs over 100 full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff. The organization is separated into nine departments. Click on a department to view its staff.


Aja DeCoteau  •  Yakama

Interim Executive Director / Watershed Department Manager Portland Main Office Watershed  |  (503) 731-1252

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Michael Broncheau  •  Nez Perce

Fishing Site Maintenance Department Manager Portland Main Office Fishing Site Maintenance  |  (503) 731-1258 c: (503) 866-8375

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Laura Gephart

Acting Watershed Department Manager/Watershed Programs Coordinator Portland Main Office Watershed  |  (503) 736-3594

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Mitch Hicks  •  Shoshone-Bannock

Chief of Enforcement Hood River Office Fisheries Enforcement

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Lorilee Morsette  •  Suquamish/Chippewa-Cree

Acting HR Manager Portland Main Office Human Resources  |  (503) 238-3555

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Rob Lothrop

Policy Development/Litigation Support Manager Portland Main Office Policy Development and Litigation Support  |  (503) 731-1291

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Jon Matthews  •  Nez Perce

Finance and Operations Director Portland Main Office Finance and Operations  |  (503) 238-3560

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Mike Matylewich

Fisheries Management Director Portland Main Office Fisheries Management  |  (503) 731-1251

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Zachary L. Penney  •  Nez Perce

Fishery Science Department Manager Portland Main Office Fishery Science  |  (503) 731-1301

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Sharon Arceneaux

Records Management Coordinator Portland Main Office Finance and Operations  |  (503) 736-3596

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