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The scientists at CRITFC are constantly working on new research to further our understanding of salmon and their habitat. Below are the published papers and technical reports that summarize this work.

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J indicates CRITFC employee.

1 May 2017

Columbia River Basin Steelhead Kelt Reconditioning Research

Every spring, large numbers of post-spawning steelhead kelts migrate downstream throughout the Columbia River Basin (CRB), but few return as repeat spawners. Reconditioning of female kelts is being implemented as a recovery measure for ESA-listed CRB steelhead stocks. Downstream migrating kelts are...

Andrew Pierce, Doug Hatch, David Fast, Scott Everett, Matt Abrahmse, James Nagler, Laura Jenkins, Lea Medeiros, Lucius Caldwell, Timothy Cavileer, Neil Graham, Ryan Branstetter, Joseph Blodgett, William Bosch, Chris Frederiksen, Noah Jackson, and Thomas Tall Bull

1 June 2017

Post-spawning Life History Diversity in Reconditioned Female Clearwater River Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Kelts Assessed Using Plasma Estradiol-17β

Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are an important anadromous salmonid of conservation concern in Idaho’s Clearwater River, where populations are in decline. Post-spawn female steelhead trout (kelts) are reconditioned as a recovery tool in the Columbia River Basin. Reconditioning...

Laura Jenkins, Andrew Pierce, Neil Graham, Lea Medeiros, Scott Everett, Douglas Hatch, and James Nagler

30 June 2017

Deep Ancestry of Programmed Genome Rearrangement in Lampreys

In most multicellular organisms, the structure and content of the genome is rigorously maintained over the course of development. However, some species have evolved genome biologies that permit, or require, developmentally regulated changes in the physical structure and content of the genome...

Vladmir Timoshevskiy, Ralph Lampman, Jon Hess, Laurie Porter, and Jeramiah Smith

1 May 2017

Sea-to-sea Survival of Late-run Adult Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from the Columbia and Snake Rivers

We used biotelemetry and genetic stock identification to assess sea-to-sea survival and run composition of 1212 late-migrating adult steelhead (anadromous Oncorhynchus mykiss) through the Columbia River and Snake River migratory corridors. The late-run was predominated by steelhead from...

Matthew Keefer, Michael Jepson, Tami Clabough, Eric Johnson, Shawn Narum, Jon Hess, and Christopher Caudill

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