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31 March 2016

Assessing the Status and Trends of Spring Chinook Habitat in the Upper Grande Ronde River and Catherine Creek

Background and Objectives ...

Dale A. McCullough, Seth White, Casey Justice, Monica Blanchard, Robert Lessard, Denise Kelsey, David Graves, and Joe Nowinski

21 February 2017

Legacies of Stream Channel Modification Revealed Using General Land Office Surveys, with Implications for Water Temperature and Aquatic Life

Land use legacies can have a discernible influence in present-day watersheds and should be accounted for when designing conservation strategies for riverine aquatic life. We describe the environmental history of three watersheds within the Grande Ronde subbasin of the Columbia River using General...

Seth White, Casey Justice, Denise Kelsey, Dale McCullough, and Tyanna Smith

1 December 2016

Reconditioning Snake River B-Run Steelhead Kelts: A Research Report

Steelhead, the anadromous form of rainbow trout, are capable of repeat spawning (iteroparity).  Snake River steelhead have historically been classified as A-run and B-run: B-run fish usually spend 2 or more winters in the ocean and are therefore larger than the 1-sea winter A-runs.  Current...

Neil Graham, Laura Jenkins, Scott Everett, Ryan Branstetter, Andrew Pierce, and Doug Hatch

25 January 2017

Using Genetic Pedigree Reconstruction to Estimate Effective Spawner Abundance from Redd Surveys: An Example Involving Pacific Lamprey Entosphenus tridentatus

Redd surveys are a commonly used technique for indexing the abundance of sexually mature fish in streams; however substantial effort is often required to link redd counts to actual spawner abundance. In this study, we describe how genetic pedigree reconstruction can be used to estimate effective...

Steven Whitlock, Luke Schultz, Carl Schreck, and Jon Hess

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