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CRITFC Employment Opportunities

The following positions are currently open. Click on one to find out more information, qualifications, and application instructions.

Resumes and applications are only accepted when openings are available. Enrolled members of federally recognized Indian tribes who are interested in future employment opportunities may contact Human Resources directly.

Paid Positions

Fishery Technician III
Closes on: Aug 21, 2015

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission assists four tribes in the co-management of their treaty rights within the Columbia River Basin. The position offered is associated with the Commission’s Fish Science Department. This research group is engaged in several investigations of stock composition, identification, and structure, as well as, development and evaluation of restoration strategies for Pacific salmon. Specific areas of research covered under this announcement include the investigation of the length, age and stock composition of salmon passing Bonneville dam. The Fishery Technician will be responsible for collecting a variety of biological data and samples from several fish species under field conditions.

Dispatcher/Communications Officer

The dispatcher is directly responsible for the operation of all office radio/telephone communication equipment, maintaining a close watch on patrol activities in the field, and for the general office needs of the agency.

Field Marketing Specialist

The Field Marketing Coordinator position is a function of the Salmon Marketing Program within the Finance and Operations Department and coordinates the salmon marketing program which is designed to increase the economic benefit of treaty fisheries to tribal fishers. This position utilizes a strong marketing background and a good understanding of marketing components as they relate to world markets and the four tribes’ commercial treaty fisheries. The position also requires good interpersonal skills as it interacts with the four tribes and other tribal entities, tribal fishers, wholesale and retail buyers and agencies to help identify funding and sales opportunities and to provide training. It also requires budget management skills to ensure funds are secured to meet programmatic needs.

Police Officer

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement (CRITFE) Patrol Officers are directly responsible for carrying out all enforcement and protective patrols by foot, vehicle and boat on the main stem Columbia River (Oregon and Washington shores) and its environs and also patrol at the In-lieu and Treaty Fishing Access sites (TFAS). Patrols are dictated by CRITFC/CRITFE policy, Tribal policy, contractual obligations of the Law Enforcement Department, and at the direction of patrol supervisors.

Hatchery Production Coordinator

The Hatchery Production Coordinator (John Day Mitigation) works with tribal policy makers and staff to develop and implement a salmon hatchery mitigation program consistent with tribal objectives. The Coordinator works in regional processes to monitor regional salmon hatchery production and implement tribal initiatives.

Fishery Scientist (Harvest Management)

The Harvest Management Scientist assists the tribes in planning and coordination of tribal harvest in the Columbia River Basin for CRITFC’s four member tribes. The Harvest Management Scientist works within various harvest management forums to implement tribal fisheries consistent the treaty fishing rights case law. The Harvest Management Scientist works with tribal policy makers and staff to develop and implement fisheries consistent with tribal objectives. The Harvest Management Scientist also works with tribal policy makers and staff in coordination of artificial propagation reform to achieve goals and objectives consistent with treaty fishing rights case law and regional management processes.

Fishery Scientist - Biometrician

The Fishery Scientist (Biometrician) works on projects involving the modeling of the population dynamics of Pacific salmon. The incumbent will serve on the Pacific Salmon Commission Chinook Technical Committee, an inter-agency technical committee that models chinook salmon stocks and fisheries along the Pacific coast.

Fisheries Geneticist

We are seeking a Fisheries Geneticist with experience in population genomics, association mapping, and mixed stock analyses. This position is part of CRITFC’s Fishery Science Department, but will be located with the genetics group at the Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station in Hagerman, ID. This research group is involved in testing conservation, evolution, and ecological theories related to salmonids and other fishes. The employee will work under the Lead Geneticist, in association with CRITFC geneticists and technicians, as well as staff of the Fishery Science Department in Portland, OR. Efforts will focus on applying empirical genetics/genomics data to address questions related to conservation and recovery of steelhead, Chinook, sockeye, and coho salmon, sturgeon, lamprey, and other fishes of the Columbia River Basin.

Staff Accountant

This position provides accounting support to various functions within the organization, with a focus on off-site locations, by providing analysis of budgets and expenditures, tracking invoices and purchase orders, compiling information for decision-making and other work as needed to assist in the meeting of programmatic goals.

The position also provides back-up support for the payroll function. It also assists in internal and external audit activities, prepares general ledger journal entries; assists in special project management; and performs other work as assigned.

Other Fisheries Employment Opportunities

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe Hatchery Manager

The Lower Fisheries Hatchery Manager manages and assists in all hatchery and other enhancement-related activities in the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe’s usual and accustomed treaty area. These include, but are not limited to: (1) proper husbandry of fish; (2) construction and maintenance of hatchery and other fisheries enhancement facilities and equipment; (3) maintenance of enhancement records and preparation of fisheries enhancements reports; (4) supervision and coordination of the activities of the hatchery staff. The Hatchery Manager is under the supervision of the Fisheries Manager and works closely with the habitat biologist, and staff from the Elwha Klallam Tribe, the PNPTC and NWIFC.


No paid internships available at this time. Internships for credit may be available. Please phone or email the HR contact listed to the right for information.