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Requests for Quotation

RFQ: Sequencing and genome assembly for octoploid white sturgeon

Closes: Oct 20, 2017
The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) invites you to submit a proposal for developing a de novo genome assembly for octoploid white sturgeon. This would involve preparation of DNA sequencing libraries, generating sequence data, and assembly of long genomic scaffolds for this polyploid species.  This RFP is for scientific laboratory services for providing assistance to our research team. White sturgeon are an imperiled fish species that have high cultural importance to the four Columbia River Treaty tribes.  As such, this species has been closely monitored for several years and artificial propagation has been initiated to boost abundance in various areas.  However, genomic resources are limited for white sturgeon that would provide the ability to identify sex markers and the genetic basis for traits important to conservation.  Thus, development of a genome assembly would provide a highly valuable resource for further study of this species. The objective of this RFP is to identify a vendor to assist the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission with professional laboratory services necessary for a de novo genome assembly for white sturgeon.  Since this species has an octoploid genome, this will require specific expertise in genome assembly for complex polyploid species. Specifically, tissues from an adult female white sturgeon will be provided for high molecular weight DNA extraction (estimated genome size of 2.4 Gb).  The vendor must be capable of creating high coverage genomic DNA sequencing data, creating long-read sequencing data, using bioinformatic pipelines that have been proven to be effective for de novo assembly of polyploid genomes. Download full RFQ here

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